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Pinnacle TRS Muscle Roller Review
“After suffering a lower back and hip injury my PT had me start rolling the area. I quickly realized that the traditional foam rollers were too soft and the stick rollers were too hard! Then I tried Pinnacle, and the pressure was just right! Not only does it provide the perfect amount of pressure but I can take it anywhere with me. It’s a win-win!”

Emily Alexander

“As an athlete and coach, I have tried many (and seen many more) iterations of the “foam roller” over the years. While each model has pros and cons, the Pinnacle TRS product really ticks all the boxes. The obvious difference is its portability – a feature that can’t be ignored. Especially for athletes who travel extensively, the modular design and carrying case are perfect. That the floor stand is built into the case is simply genius. What really stands out to me is the durable construction. Pinnacle clearly did things right the first time by using high-quality materials. When something is modular, there are often weak points where things connect, but not with Pinnacle. When assembled, this roller system is extremely durable, and I am never worried about putting too much pressure on it. Because of this durability, I am confident this will be the one and only roller system I’ll ever need.”

Dave Milligan

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“I love the versatility of the Pinnacle roller. As an age group endurance athlete, I need multiple options to help with muscle soreness and recovery. Pinnacle gives me the flexibility to make configuration changes to focus on specific muscles. Plus, it’s easy to store in the compact and portable case.”

Ron Reynolds

“The Pinnacle Therapeutic Roller System allows me to reach every muscle, from my back to my legs, hips, and glutes. I use it after every swim, bike, and run.”

Gabi Redford